The first entry.

Date- June 20th, 2015
Time- 3:26 pm

Pooja Pradeep is the name . Poo is not what people call me ( fortunately ! ) .  

I’m a hyperexcited child with a hyena’s laugh and a retarded seal’s hubbub , basically through with my double bachelor’s ( can you hear the swagger ? ) , one in Mechanical (Specialization in Energy ) Engineering from VIT University, Vellore (Tamil Nadu) and the other in Education from St.Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai (Maharashtra) and right now, sitting in my cozy abode in Kerala (Hey ,save that mallu mock for later would you?! )  , fighting the urge to gorge on malabari biriyani 5 times a day and get blubbery. I’m just 23 and there’s so much I want to tell you ; about myself , finding love, being an educator , all that schmaltzy college drama , bouqets and brickbats of being an artist , my country , flaws and perfection , feminism , life as a social worker , beauty and style , fluffy rabbits too perhaps ( aren’t they much omnom ?! ) . You really would not stand my blabber though, I’m too animated for you to catch up with ; Ugh ! I myself find it rather annoying .

You could however read what I write though . Just maybe ?! It’s unapologetically out of my weirdly engineered heart . ( HOLD YOUR HORSES ! Don’t go all cynic with ” Oh she’s yet another girl who talks about dreams and hearts and all things pink” . But Congratulations . You’re absolutely right ! ) .  The spread is about everything I’ve come across , about everything I want you to know, about everything I’ve learnt , about everything I’ve discovered , about everything I’ve created  ; It’s about me , myself and Pooja !!

PS : Can’t Hip-Hop  all day now , can I ?!

Much Love ,

Pooja Pradeep. 

See You Around !

See You Around !


One thought on “The first entry.

  1. hello pooja,,, :))))) i love your blog,, iam in love with your kanjeevarams,, and i have a small question,, was that skirt which you wore on your engagement made out of 8 metres of cloth ,, is it only the skirt or the whole whole dress.
    looking forward for your reply
    take care 🙂 :*
    keep writing and we would love to read


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