A Lovestory .

April 19, 2015

Aer Lounge , Four Seasons Hotel ,Worli , Mumbai .

He asked ,
And I said …..
Well , I didn’t say anything. Couldn’t rather. Fat tears rolled down my cheeks as I kept looking at his beautiful eyes , they were the same convincing ones , the kind you blindly believe.

Every lovestory is special , extraordinary indeed ! Ours is my favourite .
Once upon a time , there was a boy and a girl . A tall boy and a tiny girl . Promising engineers in the making at VIT University , Vellore , Tamil Nadu; sometime in the august of 2010 . Their passion landed both of them in the same dance team at college . She saw him the first atop the stage in Anna auditorium. 6 feet tall , black shirt and grey shorts , Nike dunks with a face that seemingly had a stubble , dancing in his zone . He saw her dancing atop the same stage for the first time , exactly a week back when she gave her auditions . They fell head over heels in red love the moment their eyes met !!


They found nothing striking about each other at the very first meet . He was the then cricket team captain, the final year jock ,the oh-so-typical tall,dark and handsome man, the mechanical nerd , an impressive all rounder with the sort of attitude chicks in college dig deep ! She ; Well , she was a fresher. And all she had was a smile that could touch hearts ,curly hair that would turn heads and a pair of happy feet that could get anybody grooving.

He found her unbelievable and impossible . She thought of him as an emotionless skunk with a cricket bat for a heart . Abiding the rule of nature , they became best friends.
They spent hours with each other , talking about dosas and idlis and golf and tennis and bra straps and periods and love and hate and WHAT NOT !
Apart from the whole Hyderabadi Brahmin boy – Malayali Nair girl potpourri of differences , they were the extremes of each other. Opposites , entirely !

He is a gigantor. She is a smurf .
He is a proverb . She is a street play.

He is subtle . She is bling .

He is an equilibrium . She is a turbulence .
He is a vegan. She is a carnivore.

He is a homebody. She is a party animal.
He is spontaneous. She is meticulous.

He is precise . She is verbose .

He is stoic . She is effusive .
He can do a 100 push ups. She can do 7.
He is Ying. She is Yang.

To her, he is Ru; to him, she is Ja !

The beginning and the end of two names , two hearts , two souls , two individuals , two personalities hailing from two different constellations altogether . The world they spun around them was a dream . A home they were unknowingly building, but , by choice .
April 22nd, 2011, two weeks prior to his graduation, Ru states that he will marry her one day. A bashful Ja looked away , smiling. She believed him almost instantaneously . Falling in love with each other was like falling asleep ; slowly at first , then all together !! Love and marriage were big words then .But as long as it’s each other, nothing had ever felt this right . This true ! It’s really not all about the flittery-flattery flirty love. It’s the kind that uplifts your soul , makes u feel fiercely independent , boosts your morale , critics your life skills , safeguards your humility and eventually watches you evolve into your own alpha !!
They never really fell in love though . They decided against it .
Rise in love , they believed . Hence , they rose !
It’s been four years ever since that day .
Has it been difficult, long distance and it’s abyss ?! Well , distance is to love as wind is to fire . It extinguishes the small and kindles the great ! Life ain’t a bed of roses sweetheart ; Why would love be ? Being fashionably old-school helped though . They didn’t throw away the broken bits ; they rather fixed them !!

There were times when they faltered , when chances would themselves be painfully unfair, when they took each other for granted , when intimacy was stripped because of career and lifestyle , when conversations were limited to two minutes a day , when meeting each other would be as rare as once in 8 months, when the opposites didn’t exactly compliment each other .Innumerable times !!
But then there are also those times when the dancing would get ecstatic , when that laughter still keeps ringing in your head , when those words spoken into your ear echoes in you evermore ,when those walks would be uber romantic , when there are butterflies on cocaine in your tummy , when the ephemeral passionate joys seem to last a lifetime, when hand in hand feels peaceful and perfect , when those kisses give u an unadulterated surreal high , when love becomes the ultimate truth that fuels you entirely as an individual .
It was all worth it , for those moments they shared , for those memories they spun . For they wanted to grow old with each other , with mirth, zeal and a whole lot of love !!
What’s their secret ?! Love is not eternal . It is a transient feeling . The key is to keep falling in love, over and over again . The trick is to never get used to each other , to always keep the crazy alive , to always be retarded seals . It’s cute how enormous tears keep falling down her piggy face everytime he leaves , be it for a day ,a week ,a month or a year. It’s gorgeous how he makes her laugh out so loud and make her eyes crinkle to slits with frills , every time she sulks , with his nauseating wisecracks .

Love becomes easier if it’s meant to be . Love becomes an eternal deal when the worst fights are fart wars. Love becomes living when it’s him and her !!

He’s your lobster !! Keep him. ” , they told her.
“ She’s your weirdo !! Keep her. ” ,
they told him.

“ I’m going to date you so hard , marry the sh*t out of you and raise the f**k out of our kids ” , she promised him. He trusted her , gladly !

It’s been a fantastic four years ever since. Not a long time , but long enough .

Mr. Rushil Nori when not being an outstanding sportsperson is today the Area Sales Manager for Mondelez International ( “ He sells chocolates ! He sweats it on the field. It’s a loop !! “ , an excited Ja would merrily tell you ).

Ms. Pooja Pradeep is today an Educator . ( That’s her one word pick from being an energy engineer , a teacher , a dancer , a choreographer and a social worker ) .

They would owe their swagger not to each other but to whom the love they bleed has turned them to be !! Laudable , isn’t it?! It’s the new age love I guess , where :

~ I love you so much that I will give you my Biriyani .

NO !!
~ I love you so much that I will share my Biriyani with you.

YES !!

All this shebang and then one fine day , Ru comes up with a plan , a proposal. He knew Ja would flip , her world would as well . But he knew she was the one for her . Now or later !!
April 19, 2015

Aer Lounge , Four Seasons Hotel ,Worli , Mumbai .

He asked ,
And I said …..
Well , I didn’t say anything. Couldn’t rather. Fat tears rolled down my cheeks as I kept looking at his beautiful eyes , they were the same convincing ones , the kind you blindly believe. 

That uber ornate victorian horse carriage at marine drive witnessed a large man unable to kneel down on one knee just because he was too gigantic for it , with a diamond ring in one hand and mine in the other .
The proposal felt like a prayer , the night , like a dream !
I kept nodding profusely right from the moment he reached out for something in his inner blazer pocket . Even before that articulated into a concrete response,
I had that beautiful diamond on my ring finger already . I looked up at an overly embarrassed Rushil looking around at the people , at my hand , at my face and then back at my hand .
” Oh My God ! It’s done ! Yaar , ye thoda zyada jaldi ho gaya na?! “ , he looks at my face and back at my hand again .
“Batao Ja . It could’ve been better yeah ?! I even forgot those dialogues I was supposed to say . F**K ! THIS MUST BE HOW PREMATURE EJACULATION FEELS LIKE !!”
My boisterous guffaws echoed Mumbai . We laughed with tears in our eyes until it ached. He hugged me tight . We kissed !!

Show us how different you can possibly be !!
( flips , somersaults , lands on fat bum )

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16 thoughts on “A Lovestory .

  1. Hi Pooja. That is a very well written love story about you and your soulmate.

    Loved reading and definately it did keep me excited to know more… waiting to see your wedding pics 🙂 and with a story about the chaos 😉


  2. Hey pooja,
    I know you may be so little,that may be its just a school that’s common in between us and I have seen itty bitty pieces of your life through this media.
    But iahev to say. It’s such a beautiful piece of your life you have so well shown us here. Well written and also feels like you have actually taken the reader through the things that happened in your story
    I’m so happy for you and rushil. Stay as a blessed couple and make it work no matter what! Love you guys. Excellent work.!!


  3. One can never describe a love story in a better way than this. And I’m sure your love story is not only yours favourite anymore. Well written. 🙂


  4. Regards Di,
    I m so much in love with your inspiring story…. u both r the best couple in the world…. eagerly waiting for new happening n so adorable stories of u both…. plz bless me n my bf too that we also make it till marriage.. m in long distance relationship… u guys r my motivation seriously .

    Stay blessed loads of best wishes 🙂


  5. Heyy Pooja,
    I came to know about this blog of yours from instagram while i was just exploring pics..and i liked your profile very much and soon i started liking your blog too…i almost read everthing in your blog and i liked your taste for fashion,saree and accessories…(i have also taken a screenshot of the shops names in kancheepuram for my wedding shopping 🙊😍) Thanks for that …😘😘😘And yes…you have such a fairytale love story…all the very best for Nov 22nd….. 🎊🎉💙💙


  6. Hi Pooja…Feels more of like my story…My guy is as gigantic as Ru and i am as tiny as you..!two different states.. Happy for you both…! Keep loving each other like this as ever..!Cheers…!


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