‘YOLO-Living in Your Truth’, by Komal Sudhir.

“YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO !!!”, Sen would always scream jubilantly at almost everything we would talk to him about. A tesseract at heart, this young lad never failed to surprise anybody with his zeal.

When I came across Komal Sudhir’s brainchild, “YOLO – Living in Your truth”, all I could think of was Sen’s eccentric mojo in life and of how that silly overused jargon actually hid the most fundamental truth of our living – You Only Live Once !
From my humble set of life experiences, the favourite one remains to be, “You attain Power only to Empower !”. This novice author’s book is nothing but an unadulterated testimony to that lesson I’ve learnt.

Lend your ears to this 27-year old Investment Professional and a dancer at heart, bubbling with profound joy of having scribbled her small-wins and heart-aches down :

“Since we only live once after all , why not leverage the learning from others’ experiences and mistakes so that you can get on with the process of enjoying your life?
That’s why I wrote this book !
At 18, I decided to become a chartered accountant, and to do so I was required to pass an entrance exam, followed by a three-year internship at an accounting firm. On the one hand, I was very excited to swiftly begin my career, but on the other, I knew I would be sacrificing my typical “college life” and miss out on many of the social experiences my friends would enjoy. However, my journey into the corporate world turned out to be nothing short of eventful; it has more than made up for the excitement I may have missed out on in college, such as YOLO-filled party nights. During my internship, I collected an array of lessons about relationships, emotions, work, and life. Now, I want to share those in the hope that you will be able to benefit from them.”

I’m sure you’re thinking how ‘experiences’ that are individual-centric and of course, highly subjective, can be applied to another individual, given the popular maxim,”Each and every single person is unique”. That’s when I opened the book with utter curiosity and scanned through the chapters. A few that struck similar chords were – ‘Please Stop Pleasing’, ‘Judge Me Not!’, ‘The Big Fat Ego’, ‘Do Good’, ‘Confide Before You Collapse’, ‘Keeping it Real’, ‘Rejected!’ & ‘Road to Resilience’.
“Hey this sounds like an instruction manual to my life !”, I exclaimed to myself. That’s precisely when the beauty of human nature dawned on me. No matter how different we are, our trivial insecurities and daily hurdles are all pretty much the same – a heartbreak, a difficult boss, social outlook, the conundrum of choice, ego barricades, wasted potential…the list is exhausting.

Intrigued to the core, I began to read it.

Listing down a few of my favourite excerpts :

“People pleasing not only costs you, but also costs others. If you don’t happily do things for others, you may end up damaging your relationship out of sheer frustration.”

~Please Stop Pleasing .

How often do we wish if only we could say “No” ! We wait for those occasional lava bombs of emotion to do the talking until the final eruption savages our own peace of mind.
Komal, a people-pleaser herself, talks about how one such lava bomb had strained her friendship with a colleague who kept pestering her with his validations of every act and thought. Years later, at the opportunity of a new venture in her career, another mighty hurdle stood ahead of her in the

form of her ever supportive boss who wouldn’t agree to relieve her from the current company. The guilt-trips we often corner ourselves with at such situations take a toll on our decision-making. Komal gives you effective solutions from the lessons that she learnt with her colleague and her boss.

* * * * * * *

“As toddlers, we had no shame in dancing our hearts out, but as we grew older, we began to look for ways to hide from the limelight while we danced. We were afraid of those critical looks, secret whispers, and cutting opinions. We started to develop our own judgments too, both about ourselves and others.”

~Judge Me Not.

Judgement – this 9 letter word which is in fact our society’s fabric have infiltrated dreams with doubt and fear like no other poison. Of course there exists none who is non-judgemental. But being aware of the depth and breadth of the judgement one’s making, its potential to make or break yourself or another is to be understood carefully. Be the critic of the story you write, not of another author’s, not of another book’s; simply because no matter what your credentials are, you haven’t lived that story.

Komal talks about Sanya who could barely communicate effortlessly without giving every word a scan before she actually spat it out. Such are the chains we impose. She describes the significance of “Live & Let Live” aptly.


“After spending years in corporate life, I began to feel like a machine. Although I had one of the best degrees in finance and my job was going well, I often felt like I was squandering my time. It was as if the best years of my life were flying by faster than I could enjoy them; I felt I was doing nothing to make them memorable.”

~ Do Good

As I read this, all those times I’ve been to dinners and parties with Rushil’s corporate folk rang bells. This is what they talk about, all the time, every single time. This intelligent cohort had no vents to be human and that was definitely wearing them out.
This is the piece where Komal has my heart. She talks about the little things she does on a daily basis to make a difference to that one star fish. The satisfaction she treasured in doing so inspired her to volunteer to write the law examination for 28-year old Mohan and their interaction is a story worth remembering.

* * * * * * *

‘YOLO-Living in Your Truth’ is certainly an everyday guide to deal with the vicissitudes of life and if not victorious, emerge from the abyss, happier ! Komal, a hustler like you & I, uses simple and powerful set of words to throw limelight on behavioural traits that we often burry consciously or ignore blatantly, conveying what we already know but have looked past. The best parts of the book according to me are the quirky Chapter names and the thoughtful ‘Takeaway’ at the end of each and every chapter. The latter if collated can make the most useful Disaster Management guide that emphasises on the right stitch at the right time, ergo saving you an expensive trip to the tailor.

Simply and justly put, it is a rendition of reminders that reverberates aloud in our head and resonates with our past experiences. The book is currently serving me my timely dosage of motivation and optimism I definitely need to get my days filled with dreams, drama and defeat going strong.

Unless you’re a cat, go ahead; Give it a read 🙂

PS – I’m gifting this one to Sen :’D

Say Hello to lovely Komal and stay tuned with ‘YOLO-Living in Your Truth’ on FACEBOOK .

Know more about this wonderful book here .

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