Spring in a bottle.











Flaunting Spring around, dangling down my neck, corked with chromes in love with each other felt rejuvenating on a melancholy monsoon morning. It’s not every now and then that you adorn yourself with Mother Nature’s  beauty; the kind of beauty that arises from donning a bit of evergreen; the kind of complacency that arises from wearing a living – breathing work of art; the kind of high spirits you indulge in owing to that “terrarium” of yours, singing rhapsodies in chorus with the pitter-patter of the rain.

Yeah, I know ! Let me help you :


pl. ter·rar·i·ums or ter·rar·i·a (-ē-ə)


A glass container, chiefly or wholly enclosed, for growing and displaying exotic plant or moss, providing a “space of life” for an ecosystem to thrive sustainably.

However, Ms. Supriya Donthi, the heart and brain behind the gorgeous “Leafy Affair” , gave a new dimension to the meaning of terrariums.
“Green treasures crafted with love” , as she would describe them fondly, Leafy Affair is the first in India to bring you an array of hand-made preserved moss terrarium jewellery. She successfully materialized her love for plants and unique adornments and created this line of succulent jewellery ; tiny glass jars with earthy enchantments , I must say !

Getting to the nitty gritties of these corked lovelies:

Terrariums are small sustained ecosystems where a collection of small plants grow in a transparent or sealed glass container to keep an ecosystem in a small scale. Terrariums are extremely low-maintenance and require little to no watering at all. No live animals or insects are kept in the jar. It’s purely a miniature garden. Within the transparent environment, sunlight is able to penetrate the vegetation causing the water vapour to rise. The vapour is trapped on the roof and drops at night as temperature cools down creating a cycle of water. The cycle allows for life to flourish creating a self sustained ecosystem.
Evergreen, quite literally !

A terrarium can be pampered with these constituents –
Types of exotic moss like Reindeer moss, Rock Cap Moss, Fern Moss, Feather Moss and Cushion Moss, small plants tolerant of indirect sunlight and humidity such as Baby’s Tears, African Violet, Creeping Fig, Ferns, Mini English Ivy and Begonia , pebbles, sea shells, wooden chips, sand, crushed glass and smooth river rocks.

As for a personal style statement , I don’t really go gaga over jewellery BUT the unique ones that are exquisitely crafted have my heart. ( Yeah , I’m a sucker for those treasures !! )
And trust me, these little gardens by Leafy Affair are keepers !

You can wear their minimalistic pendants and dress up your basics ; own their ornamental chokers which is the current trend and get your style quotient soaring ; bask in whimsical aura with their charm adorned terrarium bracelets and necklaces apart from the myriad of possibilities these precious earthy treasures can offer to enhance your ensembles.

Supriya also customizes them paying heed to the details of your fancies. I got this classy double layered terrarium necklace on a silver chain from her and is uber thrilled to have it.

You can follow Leafy Affair on :

images – https://www.facebook.com/leafyaffair/

Instagram_App_Large_May2016_200 – https://www.instagram.com/leafyaffair/?hl=en

…. and shop these little curios at :


Shoot Day Frolic

What do you call a photographer who is prettier than the pictures she creates ?!
Vidhi Trivedi .

Vidhi is my Nagpur find who other than being a graphic designer ready to take off to the US for her Masters in a  fortnight, shares the same enthusiasm as mine for shutter, sneakers and fairy lights. We also have a similar playlist which made falling in love with each other easy.
Rushil , the husband ( mine ! ) chauffeured us around the picturesque Seminary Hills one Sunday early morning and we found a great spot with a wild bougainvillea tree spilling on to the pavement , wet from the previous night’s rainfall , with a bed of shed leaves and flowers awaiting us.

Creating these magical frames with Vidhi were like a dream come true and I owe her a kidney and a Biriyani.

PS – Special thanks to Rushil for picking up leaves and throwing them on me for a shot :/ .
Also for protecting Vidhi from being hit by the cars plying on the road.

PPS – Yes . I got pricked by the unforgiving thorns :/ !

Now I insist you scroll up and indulge in the earthlings once again .
Nature never goes out of style, does it ?! So what are you waiting for ?! 🙂


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