A hyperventillating me made Sheebani ( my right artery ) explain the nuances of the revelry amidst her office hours through whatsapp that day.
Because I’m a Malabari Nair getting married to a Hyderabadi Brahmin ; { also read as EXTREMELY BORING FOLK } who don’t usually have happening wedding eves.
Luckily , dance, music and food are more important than people to me and hence, dad let me freak out ; provided I plan one ( he’s cruel like that ! )

And I did !!
It was my first !!
If only I could articulate merriment aptly , I’d gladly write about the evening of November 21,2015 .  Here, I’m just going to share a few extremely attention seeking pictures taken that day ; the kinds where the photographers go , “Look up here “ , ” Chin down” , ” Smile and look to your left “ , “Twirl and laugh at the same time “ , ” Blush a little “ … that sorta torture.
That apart , I’m writing about my ensemble detailing because after years of sketching, scribbling designs and figurines in my notebooks , I finally decided to sew it all up with a needle , sparkle and rosedust !!


* Champagne is a dreamy colour and one of my favourites . Also , at the advent of gold being the most overdone bridal colour after red , why not some champagne ?!
* I am an ardent believer of Lord Sabyasachi. hence, I pray to bling and glitter .
* Right from the days of “Bole Chudiyaan” , I’ve always had an idea of how I wanted to look at a similarly dramatic function . Thankfully , Instagram has kept me updated and hence, creating an ensemble was a natural process.


* I got all my fabric and linings from Sree Tirumalai Stores at Four Bungalows, Andheri(W), Mumbai { STOP ! Don’t judge the place by its name. It’s one place where you will even find what to make clouds with ! ” }. The laces were hunted after hours of searching in and around Santa Cruz(W) , Mumbai .

* Since I’m a fan of colour block I decided to sport rubies, roses and rouge lips .

* Mother India of mine and I are COLOSSALLY particular about jewellery. To the extent that we finalised on my ruby choker after 8 months of search across cities and got my jhumkas made according to what I had in mind. The choker is by Venkatesh Naik Mohandas & Sons, Calicut, Kerala and Jhumkas are by Malabar Gold & Diamonds , Calicut , Kerala.

The Nori !!

* Now the bridezilla had to do the groom’s ensemble as well since he only knows how to shop at a Nike store . So I decided to get him a complimenting attire in wine red .


ALWAYS REMEMBER : Whenever you design anything at all for another person , make sure it looks like them . Character and class are inseparables. If I had it my way , I’d make Rushil look like a floral colour bomb , but then that wouldn’t be him at all. So I chose a pure silk kurta and pants and customised juttis along with a self embroidered zari worked bandi ( jacket ) . I wanted it to be rich in colour and yet monotone . That’s just how my man is . Quora, SV Road, Mumbai did a brilliant job with the bespoke tailoring of his attire. I chose the fabric from the same place as well. Telon, SV Road , Mumbai is also a good bet .


*Both of us being dancers wanted to go crazy on our wedding eve. So we didn’t want anything too heavy or cumbersome . Though I made my ghaghra out of 8 meters of fabric, I avoided the net padding inside and used crepe as lining which gives billowing flare and yet easy to twirl in. Which is why I even ruled out the conventional sherwani for Rushil . Bandis make do for extremely smart mens wear, comfortable and classy at the same time .



 The Younger Pradeep !!

* The little one loves onion pink and gold. So be it ! Adding a splash of fresh peach to it was the best thing I did actually. Getting her laces, fabric and tassles from Tirumalai stores and in and around manish market , Andheri(W),  took me half a day though. Extremely picky pretty she is !

Treasure trunk full of gratitude to Lumiere Wedding Company for capturing all the special moments throughout the revelry . I wish I could post more , but they’ve givenme 3000 odd pictures to sort . So I’m slightly confused and boggled ! Forgive me kindly .

However —–> 


To know what went down ^ here , watch :

Wearing something I scribbled on the last page of my wedding planner months ago , scouting in and around Mumbai getting the fabric, the lining , the laces, tassles and borders , explaining your details to the designer and the tailors, colour blocking it with the rubies, roses and also doing the same for the younger Pradeep and the Nori were all highly fulfilling . I hope you share them feels .
Much Love .


PS – All the pictures are raw and unedited.
PPS – Those eyelashes do not belong to me !!



2 thoughts on “SANGEET101

  1. First to comment ! *does her weird dance*
    If you don’t beat me up let me tell you a secret. I was PRAYING that you get little spare time to sit and write about the wedding stuff or ANYTHING! Cause let’s face it .. This little creep here LOVES reading what you write!
    Okay coming to the blog.. I have watched the Jameer video and this one like a trillion times.
    And I was enamored by THAT dress! Can’t wait for more !!!!!!!!!!!


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