Puppy Pink





Soorya & I frolicked around her clapping our hands and fluttering occasionally like pixies. The Mrignayani jute bag always brought along such elated vibes into my home that houses three ardent saree enthusiasts .
A tad bit of general knowledge for the world , bear with me :
Mrignayani , is the state government undertaking of Madhya Pradesh , the heritage enclave of the authentic chanderi silks , tussar silks , maheshwari silks , crepes , jutes and cottons . The corporation is devoted to the development of small-scale cottage industries which are widespread in the state. It encourages, promotes and directs their orderly and planned growth along with rendering assistance to prodigal and exemplary craftsmen and artisans, providing them the much-needed encouragement and financial support, eventually helping the sales and marketing of their hand-woven 6 yards of love .

“Y’all are going to LOVE this one !” , smirked my proud mother and continued her chirp.

“Guess the colour Guess the colour ?! “
“PINK” .
Soorya & I ran to touch wood . It was an easy guess. Our mom’s the annoying pink kinds .

Guess what pink then ?! “ , she argued like a little girl.
“ Baby pink ? “
Onion pink ? “
Hot pink ?”
“Candy pink ? “
I warned y’all . She’s the annoying pink kinds.
Orange pink ?!! “ , Soorya and I giggled .
Oranges aren’t pink you idiots !!”
We laughed .
“C’mon Amma just tell us and show it !! “

She carefully held the cloth casing inside the bag and took out the bundle of billowing silk . I swear on Mother of All Biriyanis , I saw drapes fall , clouds engulf us and violins play .

“ It’s Puppy Pink !! “ , she smiled with glistening eyes .



No guys ! Amma ain’t crazy . I mean , she is ! But not the crazy crazy . Allow me to explain .

For a girl , being around 5 dogs right from the time she was born , into her childhood and then her teens , having found a samaritan in them , companionship that was string free , an uncomplicated ,simple and peaceful friendship , I wouldn’t be surprised if puppy meant blissful . The tussar saree she held was blissful pink . The kind you find in Olympus. . Zeus has an evening jacket tailored in this chrome , I bet !
[ I even call the folks I like “pup ” . For example , Puneet is my pup for eternity . Like that ! ]

* I’m aware I’m trying to draw a similarity between Pluto and banana , but I hope you get the feels !

Since my { love for sarees} >> { love for puppies } , let’s talk about the former first ?!

Tussar silk (alternatively spelled as Tussah, Tushar, Tassar, Tusser and also known as Kosa silk) is produced from the larvae of different species of silkworms chilling in wild tropical forests of our country ( No. Really !! ) . It is renowned for its natural deep gold colour , sheer rich texture , light weight and glossy transparency. Timeless elegance and magnificent splendour are the two quintessential trademarks of Tussar. India is the second largest producer of tussar silk and the exclusive producer of Indian Tussar (also known as tropical tussar), which is largely tended by tribals. Bulk of the Tussar silk production is in India and some forty percent of it is produced in Malda District of West Bengal and Bhagalpur in Bihar, where it is called Bhagalpur Silk; Madhya Pradesh, Jharkand and Chattisgarh being the other pioneers. Once an exclusive privilege of the royalty is today the established choice of women across the country .

Especially , the annoying pink kinds 🙂


Let’s whine now !!

( breaks crockery and throws cutlery )

Nobody ever got me one . And I never could pick one from elsewhere because my first encounter with the adorable species was when a 7-year-old me jumped into my music teacher’s compound to surprise her not knowing that Tom ( the healthiest , mightiest and ferocious Alsatian alive) would pounce on me , bringing me down to the floor and bark the ghosts out of me ( or seemingly eat my face ) . “ Bowbows ” , as baby Pooja used to call them became her most dreaded nightmare. I’ve been in emotional coma ever since 1999 .

My mother has a different story to tell however . Shabby ( The Pomeranian ) , Jimmy ( The Dachshund ) , Sam ( The Great Dane ) and Simi ( The Labrador ) were a part of her family . I grew up listening to Shabby’s mischief , Jimmy’s selfless love , gluttonous Sam’s entertaining acts of jumping into the well and chasing cats and fat round Simi being Amma’s side-kick all her life . The most touching one out of the kazillion is the one where when Grandfather passed away unexpectedly because of cardiac arrest , Jimmy lay beside the body when it was brought home just before the funeral . He didn’t bark or eat anything for a week thereafter . He wouldn’t even get up . He fell very sick towards the end and vomited blood and bid them goodbye . I couldn’t believe such kind of love exists back then .
Even today , our old house in Cochin has their huge cage with green gates , very much part of our home . I’ve never seen it alive though. At times I just stare at the bars ,trying to feel the multitude of moods and memories it contained .
Yeah !! You are right !!
I have failed miserably , time and again, trying to manipulate the unfathomable love this fragment of my unseen family that used to once prance around joyfully in the green cage shared with my own. Nobody lives in that house today . But the dogs that lived there once upon a time remain immortal in my head.

The green bars always made me smile 🙂 . Always always !!


Latha aunty was my music teacher. The Alsatian who almost ate me ?! Tom ?! He was her oldest son . The best part is that ,I’m not joking . Kumar uncle and her didn’t have children . They had dogs . 6 of them . I don’t remember the breeds or names because I was way too small and terrified to even look at them . They were all bad bowbows . But I’ve seen how they take care of each other . Kumar uncle used to have night shifts and she would sleep alone in her house . Two dogs beneath her bed . One in the hall , One in the kitchen and Tom outside the house . Even ghosts would stay away , trust me !! And you must see how she brushes them and hugs them and kisses them . I always wondered how she dealt with the fact that she had no children of her own and yet how she was so content having doggies to fill in the voids.


With time and age I understood its love. Love that has no bounds or limits. Love that isn’t restricted or limited by ay lines . Love that is pure and happy . Love that leaves paw prints on your heart . Love that is puppy !!


“Pooj , I don’t want to talk today ! Can I sleep ?! “

He only avoids talking to me to sleep off when the grief chokes him too bad . I knew he wanted some time alone this time though. He would cry to bed . Silently .
“Are you sure Arjy ?!”
There was no reply .
I was so nervous . I didn’t know how to console him . I was in Mumbai , far away from him . It’s difficult to not be there for your best friend when you know he’s crumbling from within .

You know Bubbles is in a better place right ?! She didn’t have to suffer atleast . She’s happy wherever she is “ , I carefully worded a tight hug courageously.
Bubbles was Arjun’s girlfriend , his princess ! Her stories of swagger and pompousness along with her partner , Buddy , his other German Shepherd dog have always filled my low bouts with laughter . As for Arjun, he’s the very shut kind of human . The shady shut kinds . His alter ego which as seen publicly is that of a careless , happy-go-lucky guy who dances like he’s possessed by Shahid Kapoor, has a hot face and bum and is , hence ,also a womanizer . Apart from the debauchery , strangely enough , there exists only three women in his life . The ones who know him inside out , the ones who can stand his racism and the ones who believe in him . One’s his mother , the other , his best friend and the third was his favourite , his Bubbles . Apart from the four years filled with stories of Buddy and Bubbles smeared over our friendship , they seemed very much like family to me . I knew what fraction of the universe Bubbles meant to Arjun , I knew he’d be devastated .


“Yeah ! She’s in a better place . I’l call you tomorrow “ , he replied sniffing back the tears .
“Is Buddy alright ?! “
“He is okay ! “
“Will you be ?!
“ Yes I will . Goodnight ! “
He hung up . I stared into the phone .

Pooj . Bubbles is nomore

I read the message again , the message that came ten minutes back that made me call him painstakingly . I cried and went to bed too , contemplating how to cheer him up somehow .I wonder why anybody termed them animals anyway . They’re pieces of one’s heart , fragments of one’s life.
Bubbles had been sick for a while . And I knew her days were numbered . They were together for a decade almost . He used to talk to her about his days and nights , pamper her and cuddle her to squeaks. As for her , she wanted him more than anybody else . They were both attention seeking whores ; made for each other , I used to joke !

To the world , Arjun as a person was always a lie , but to Bubbles , he was the ultimate truth .

He’s the stronger one amongst the both of us and the week ahead found him consoling me . My skype sessions with him and Buddy are the best things in my life today . And Buddy is just like him . SO annoying and stupid . Everything’s peaceful now . Time eased the pain of loss . It doesn’t ease the memories though , fortunately !
We miss Bubbles . Terribly !!



Little 13-year-old Sowmya could not control her tears . She was so angry but also pained . She couldn’t watch it anymore . The cries of the Pekingese pup in the torturous cage and conditions of the horrendous Friday Market in Kuwait had her heart bleeding .
“Appa can we please take him home ?! Please Appa . Please Please “
She couldn’t stand the vendor punching him so that his nascent barks would catch the attention of the restless crowd . She couldn’t take it one bit . She cried hopelessly begging his parents to take him home .

Bubble Jaan “ , she whispered into his ears and cuddled him with her warmth . Her parents couldn’t see the pup dying , let alone their morose daughter . The family nursed Bubble for days together , without the careless blink of an eye and all the love in the world . In about two weeks , LO BEHOLD !!
Bubble was their new guardian angel !!

One day , a couple of years later , Sowmya was heartbroken . You know how mean boys are at school . She’s always been a strong girl but this one time was too much for her . She shut herself and burst out , collapsing on the bed . A playful Bubble noticed his friend’s outburst and climbed on to her lap . An astonished Sowmya sat up . Bubble was not the expressive kinds . He won’t touch neither does he like to be touched , cool like that . But this time was different . He looked at Sowmya with reassuring puppy eyes . And licked her face. Sowmya giggled amidst her swollen red face . Bubble wouldn’t stop though. He kept cuddling her and licking her face all the more , dancing on her lap because he had to get his girl back to the crazy she is.

“ I’m okay Bubble Jaan , I really am !! “ , she hugged him tight .

Her laughter echoed the house .

pup11 copy copy-001

Their home was filled with a painful gloom that had no bounds during the last days of Bubble . He was the pup who made it through , and he lived as long and happy with a family that was his own , but now , his time was up. He was tremendously ill . Loss of appetite , loss of weight , a heart condition , an intestinal complication were all taking its toll on old Bubble boy . Sowmya and her family constantly juggled between Kuwait and Coimbatore due to work and family . Bubble’s last few days had her mother away in Kuwait and the rest of them with Bubble , easing out his last few days . Sowmya was devastated in the course. Seeing Bubble not move a limb in the last week cut her open entirely . It was the same crumbling feeling when she saw him in the cage , crying for help the very first time , years ago . She knew her friend’s time was nearing .
“Amma !! You must come down !! You must !! “ , she weeped desperately into the phone .
She took the next flight to India .
* Doorbell rings *

To everybody’s astonishment , with all that pain and weathering self , Bubble was at the door to greet her , wagging his frail tail and collapsed on her lap .

Their home broke down . It has never been the same ever since . He was an integral part of their lives , a part of their family . It’s funny how you rescue a being from pain only to count the number of times he’s rescued you from your hearaches .

9 years later today , little Sowmya has magnanimously evolved into a Superwoman with her life pledged to the well-being of animals , being the essential voice of those beings who don’t have a voice of their own . She dreams of having an animal rescue home and shelter one day and is working hard towards achieving that little peace for her own good and for the world .

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend , obviously never had a dog . Never had Sowmya’s little guardian angel . Never had her Bubble Jaan 🙂 !!


Ja , is it possible that sometimes you fall in love momentarily with someone out of a bustling nowhere and you two find yourself bound by a euphoric nexus ?! “
He was lost in thought . Zoned out entirely . I knew he was serious and I sure as heavens knew he wasn’t referring to me .
“Woah !! Of course Ru . Remember this painfully short love story of this hot guy and I , the one who crashed his car into the auto I was in ?! “ , I giggled ..
He was still lost in thought . I got really curious :/ .
“Hey wait a second . This is you. And such is a rarity . Another woman actually managed to catch your attention ?! Aphrodite eh ?!

Uhmmm.. Well, it wasn’t a woman !! “

THEN ?! “

It was a puppy !! “

It was like the umpteenth love spell that has been cast upon me . We will be soon moving into our own pillow fortress where we plan on doing weird things and discussing weird stuff that are all very important to us 😀 ( YAY )



I hope . I mean, he promised :/ . He better keep this one ! But I think he’s secretly worried whether it’l splinter me a zillion if at all something were to happen to my puppy . But then again , what’s life about if we’re all too careful like that yeah ?!
I want a dog in my home. Another one apart from Rushil 🙂 !!
I need to be kibbled , it’s a kiss and a nibble together ; it’s what only dogs shall offer you , it’s unadulterated love personified , it’s years of my childhood , it’s a pot pourri of memories , it’s puppy drool war , it’s puppy poop tales , it’s tangible happiness , its everything I’m looking forward to right now .( apart from chopping off my uber long ultra boring curly hair )



* Tussar silk sarees like these , or any for that matter that are just billowing plain colour-show demands a quirky blouse if you’re up for it and young at heart . If you want your elegance to outdo the crazy you are , stick to the same colour in silk and get a full sleeve blouse . You will look like you gave life to all those silkworms that went into making your beautiful tussar silk saree . Amazeballs guaranteed !!

* NEVER WEAR THE OBVIOUS BLOUSE. I hope y’all remember that one !!

* I picked a sequin blouse but NEVER wear just the sequin blouse . It makes you look tacky and very much like a disco ball . Lest of course you’re wearing the blouse to a club . That would be crazy . Must send me pictures .
I used a threadworked net over the sequins to set a complimentary contrast and also subdue the bling so that it doesn’t take all eyes off the saree .

* When going contrast , I like keeping it minimal . That explains the lack of sleeves . But that’s just me . My mother likes playing with the contrast factor so she goes all three-fourths with them and MY ! They look gorge max !!

* I flicked ruby earrings of Amma’s well in advance. Make sure you’re sly and smart like that .

* Titan Raaga watches are a saree’s best friend . My priced possession is from the garden of Eden collection and I wear it with almost any saree or indian attire . Looking at the time has never been this dainty !

* Maybelline’s Buff is THE BEST creme pink lipstick I’ve ever come across till date . Though the new variations bleed too much , the one I have is a keeper .

* About the tresses ,sing with me everybody ,  “I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth” !!

* If you have nails , paint them fancy . If you don’t , keep biting them when u do !!


Say “Bow” to my main ladies , Chelsea and Julie . They’re relatively new friends of mine though Rony is my age old friend . They’re his life bits . It’s so cute how they’re both so different . Chelsea is a nuclear reactor on four legs and Julie is just so Zen about everything in her life . Like human beings almost .How we say we’re all unique . Dog beings are no different . In fact an average dog is a better person than the average person . And the more people I meet , the more I love dogs !!
Arjun( loser ) helped me with the saree of couse . He gets the pleats better than me . I often wonder why !!
Jameer , my prodigal man , IS COLOSSALLY SCARED OF DOGS !! Hahahaa … You should’ve seen his face when Chelsea ran to him to bark a thankyou for all the shots . But he has outdone himself yet again and served just the right kind of justice to Puppy Pink !!


Ja wants a St.Bernard 😀 !! “
“ You have me ! Pick something else ?! “
“A husky !! A husky !! I’m going to name him Snow . He will have Arjun’s eyes too . OH MY GOD . He’s going to be such a hero 😀 !! “
“In India ? Really ?! Why torture them Ja ?! You do know even the genetically modified ones have a tough time . “

Bah . I hate it when he’s always right about things .

“How about a shih tzu ?! 😀 “ , I leaped . This had to be it !!
I don’t want any shit in the family “


I want a Lion cub !! “ , I clenched my teeth .
There was a minute long silence !!

ISIS is currently torturing Turkey and I hate that . Gotta do something about it . Also , back here, as a consequence of having hyperventilating sets of parents, change of plans from Turkey to South Africa for a happening honeymoon happened recently . Hope I get myself a cub soon enough 🙂 !!


Chao guys 😀 .

Pray for my boyfriend 😛 !!

KthnxBye !


6 thoughts on “Puppy Pink

  1. Hey pooja,
    Beautiful writeup and heavenly pics..😊..am a newbie to the sariworld (now that my profession is teaching)…have never been in love with saris…but now am falling for it…these days I try to learn everything about saris…and ur blog is a major help 😁👍👍 keep blogging and stay graceful 😊


  2. A little too colourful and candy for guys to read. I think your target audience was teenage or generally girls if I am not wrong. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments that are nice to read, and they capture the essence of what you wish to convey to an extent. However, if you tried reducing the bubbly-bubbly side and stuck more to conveying your thoughts in proper sequence, this could be really entertaining to read.

    Pictures are lovely though. And you look at ease with the dogs, which means you will provide them a lovely home, no doubt later in the future.

    Good luck! Hope you take the criticism constructively.



    • Why thankyou for your time and advice Anish . Thing is , I am a hyperexcited bubbly ball of a human. So I don’t know how quite well I can ” reduce the bubbly-bubbly side “. And who said men don’t enjoy colours and candy ? Stereotypical, are we ?! 🙂 . Thankyou once again for your time though . Hopefully, you will enjoy the rest of the reads .Cheers 🙂 !!


  3. Pooooooooooooo
    First of all the Puppies 💗💗💗💗💗
    I love the way you boost a girl’s confidence in each of your posts.
    About this one! Love the way you connected puppies sarees emotions love . After all what is life without all of this!
    Loved the way you narrated the dog lovers stories. Got me a little teary eyed. But your posts make me do that each time.
    Love you.
    Waiting for the next post!
    PS: THe sareeee💗💗💗💗💗💗


  4. Hey Pooja,
    That’s an awesome write up..
    whenever I read your blog post about saree’s , I can relate and sense the Importance of those 6 yards.
    Now again your Puppy Pink, “OMG !!!, Such a Estimated, Flattering and Interesting writing. You are making the reader’s happiest. That’s the Best thing.
    Keep Posting For us !!!
    And you Look Super Gorgeous and The Best in every picture.
    Love :* 🙂

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