Want to say Hello ?!

E-mail : pooja.pradeep23@gmail.com

Instagram handle : pooja.pradeep

Mobile : ( Booyah ! I ain’t giving it here {Duh } )


3 thoughts on “Want to say Hello ?!

  1. Pooja .
    Your writing got me into imaginary bubble.I just read this.
    Omg ! There’s so many to read. And those Beautiful saree of your Amma’s . Somebody kill me for zooming it nth number of time .
    Worth reading .😍😚

    Keep writing girl .👍


  2. Poooja woahhhh!!!!!!! I went through the whole of your blog , and I must say from now on I am gonna buy kanjeeevaram sarees and wear them from dates to weddings and even for making my day better. Until I read your blog I was like I am never going to buy kanjeevaram sarees because I felt its gonna make me look fat and so many blahhh things. hehe!!
    Just now,
    I said ”Umma, I want to buy a Kanjeevaram saree for myself :D”

    she was like, SERIOUSLYY..??? I was like, I love Kanjeevaram sareees gee 😀

    stay safe and take care always & keeeep posting ❤

    much love,
    Wafaa Fatema


  3. Hello Pooja,
    My name is Anjana, so last night ?I was going over instagram and somehow om ny search, your pictures got suggested. When I went over that, I was like “god I hope she gives the details for all this, especially the make up and jewellery”, and there you go, found all of this on your bio.
    A big Thank you and help me prepare for my future wedding!
    Frankly, I haven’t gone through your entire blog, but the wedding 101 is something i found to be extremely useful.
    Thanks again!!!


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